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Each people and culture experiences the issues of death and dying in their own way, yet all of us long for comfort and connection with the faithful departed. 

Funerals * Memorials * Masses for the Dead * Spiritual Discernment and House Cleansings

Funerals are for the dead, but they are also for the living.  For those of us who worship in the Catholic Tradition, it is often when someone dies that we see the genuine love and pastoral concern of the priests of the Roman communion.  Yet here in the Ascension Alliance, we also hear sad stories of those who are rejected even in death and are not allowed to be buried with their families.  It is an honor and a work of mercy for us to reach out to you at those moments if you cannot find what you want or need in the usual places. 

We offer funeral masses and other memorial services for the dead, and prayers at the graveside as well.  In addition, many ethnic traditions have anniversary masses on the ninth, fortieth, and one year anniversary of the death of a loved one.  Whatever you believe about the afterlife, purgatory, or the process of transition/ascension known as DEATH, know that you do not have to go through the process alone.  You can call upon Jesus, the saints and angels to accompany you and your loved one, and you can call upon us to provide the ritual prayer necessary to open the doorway to eternity. 

Sometimes, we might have a sense of a lingering presence or some energy that is “stuck” between the spheres.  If you have a need for prayers about a house cleansing, or the desire to ritually pray for reconciliation in the spiritual realm, please talk to us about that need as well.  Far from promoting fearful encounters with “ghosts” and other things, it is our experience that a prayerful and gentle blessing and cleansing ritual can be most helpful in clearing any place or space of the subtle influences left by the unfolding of time. 

It is also our great privilege to offer masses for the dead, for their repose and happiness, and as a way to celebrate the living memory of those who have departed. 

· Schedule your funeral, memorial or anniversary masses with us. 

· Work on your grief in a ritual way that honors and respects the traditions and beliefs of your family.

· You don’t have to believe or be scientifically convinced to participate in the ancient rituals that memorialize the dead. 

· Masses for your intention are either private or public, as you desire. 

· Use the anniversary mass or the Day of the Dead/All Souls celebration to notify your lineage ancestors of new events such as births and marriages. 

Funerals * Memorials * Anniversary Masses * Spiritual Discernment

Most Rev. Robert J. Foss, Pastor



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