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1. PRAYER OF THE VEIL (Psalm 63) Desiderium Dei


O God, you are my God, for you I long;

For you my soul is thirsting

My body pines for you

Like a dry, weary land without water.

So I gaze on you in the sanctuary

To see your strength and your glory.


For you love is better than life,

My lips will speak your praise.

So I will bless you all my life,

In your name I will lift up my hands.

My soul shall be filled as with a banquet,

My mouth shall praise you with joy.


On my bed I remember you.

On you I muse through the night

For you have been my help;

In the shadow of your wings I rejoice.

My soul clings to you;

Your right hand holds me fast.


Glory to you, O God:

Living One, Word, and Spirit,

Now, and for all ages and aeons.  Amen.


2.  GLORIA. 


All:  Glory to God in the highest, and peace to the Earth, and grace unto all people.  We praise you, we bless you, we worship you, we glorify you, we give you thanks for your great glory.  Lord God, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, Almighty Maker and Molder, full of love and goodness.  Lord Jesus Christ, firstborn of the Fullness, Lord God, Lamb of God, you who bring us back to the good path, have mercy on us, you who lead us on the way of light, receive our prayer, for you alone are the Holy One, you alone are the Lord, you alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ, in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to the Glory of God above.  Amen. 


3.  Prayer of the Apostle Paul.  


All:  O Sun of Justice, O Star of Salvation, Angel-presence of the Divine One, fill me with your light, grant me your mercy.  My Redeemer, redeem me, for I am yours; the one who has come forth from you.  You are my mind, bring me forth!  You are my treasure house; open for me! You are my fullness; take me to you!  You are my repose, give me the perfect thing that cannot be grasped!  O my heart, O my heart, O my deepest heart!

             I invoke you, the one who is, and who pre-existed in the Name which is exalted above every name, through Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords, the King of Ages; give me your gifts, of which you do not repent, through the Son of Man, the Spirit, the Paraclete of truth.  Give me authority when I ask you; give healing for my body when I ask you through the Evangelist, and redeem my eternal light-soul and my spirit.  And the first-born of the Pleroma of grace, reveal unto my mind!

             Grant what no angel eye has seen, and no archon ear has heard, and what has not entered into the human heart, which came to be angelic and modeled after the image of the psychic God when it was formed in the beginning, for I have faith and hope.  And place upon me your beloved, elect, and blessed greatness, the First-born, the first-begotten, and the wonderful mystery of your house; for yours is the power and the glory and the praise and the greatness for ever and ever.  Amen. 



Priest chants in Aramaic, Greek, and Latin. To each chant the people respond:                   


R/: Holy God

Holy Mighty One

Holy Immortal One

Have mercy on us.




Priest:  The Lord be always with you.  

People:  And with your Spirit.

Priest:  The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary.

People:  And she was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Priest:  Behold, the Servant of the Lord

People:  Let your Word dwell within me.

Deacon:  Wisdom!  Let us attend.

People:  Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.  Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. [pause] Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

Deacon:  Open your ears!  [Ephphatha! OR Aures Ad Dominum.]

People:  We have opened them unto the Lord.  [Habemus Ad Dominum!]




Blessed are you, Lord God of our ancestors

Glory and praise to you forever.  Amen. 


Blessed be your holy and glorious name,

Glory and praise to you forever.  Amen.


Blessed are you in the Temple of your glory,

Glory and praise to you forever.  Amen.


Creatures of the Lord, Bless the Lord,

Praise the Lord with song forever.  Amen. 


Holy ones, and humble of heart, bless the Lord.

Praise the Lord with song forever.  Amen. 


Hananiah, Azariah, Misael, bless the Lord

Praise the Lord with song forever.  Amen.


The Lord rescued us from the pit,

And saved us from death

God pulled us from the midst of burning flame

And saved us from the fire

Give thanks to the Lord of Goodness

For mercy is forever.  Amen.

Glory to you, O God:  Living One, Word, and Spirit,

Now, and for all ages and aeons.  Amen.




V/:  When you pass over the river and enter the

Land that I will give you,

A land flowing with milk and honey,

You shall build an altar of rough stones

And offer there a sacrifice of peace.  Alleluia. 

R/:  We shall offer upon the altar

A sacrifice of peace

We shall feast and rejoice

Before the Lord our God.  Alleluia.             (Dt 27:4-7)


9.  Prayer of Affirmation


All:  I realize that I am one with the eternal newness of life.  All that Spirit is, creates in and through me.  My body is alive with the life of God.  My body is illuminated by the light of God.  There is no darkness of discouragement, despair, or defeat.  My mind is refreshed in that One Mind that eternally gives of itself to its creation. 


All that God has is mine.  I open my heart to accept the good gifts of joy, happiness, and enthusiasm, right now.  I open my heart to know that that which is forever ageless is my source. 


I decree that my body and my experiences shall reflect the image of life in all its newness, and I shall move through the days of my years with gladness in my mind.  I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever, knowing that my cup is full to overflowing with the only life there is—the life and the eternal youth of God. 



Priest:  We pray by the mercy of God our blessed God, who lives and reigns throughout all ages and aeons.

People:  Amen. 



Priest:  Let us pray as the priestly people of God, as the Holy People of God, for we are called to intercede for the blessing of the whole creation. 


People:  Hagios, Hagios, Hagios

             O Lord Our God, Eternal Ruler

             Praise and thanks to you. 

People’s response to each petition:

R/:  Grant our prayer, almighty and eternal God.

Priest prays the ALIA Prayer

People’s response to second group of petitions:

R/:  We offer a sacrifice of prayer and love. 



People:  Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of all people, and enkindle in us the fire of your love.  Send forth your Spirit and we shall be created anew, and you shall renew the face of the Earth.  Shed the brightness of your light on all nations.




All:  I confess to Almighty God, and to you my brothers and sisters that I have failed through my lack of mindfulness, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do, and I ask Blessed Mary, all the angels and saints, and you my brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord Our God. 




Priest:  I will go to the altar of God.

People:  The God who is joy and bliss. 

Priest (or Deacon):  Open your ears.

People:  We have opened them unto the Lord.

Priest:  Lift up your hearts and minds!

People:  We have lifted them up to the Lord. 

Priest:  Let us give thanks and praise to God and the Lord Jesus Christ, the Logos of God in heaven. 

People:  It is right to give God thanks and praise. 




Holy, Holy, Holy,

Lord God of the Universe

Heaven and Earth are full of your glory

Hosanna to the Son of David

Blessed the one who comes in the name of the Lord

Hosanna in the highest.

Hagios, Hagios, Hagios, Kyrie o Theos.




People:  When we eat this bread, and drink this cup,

we proclaim the ascension of the Lord

who illuminates our hearts with love.


18.  CREED

All proclaim:  We believe in one God, the Father almighty, and Mother most infinite, maker and molder of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the Holy Child of God, begotten of the Fullness before all ages and aeons.  God of God.  Light of Light.  True God of True God.  Begotten, not made, homoousion with the Living One, through whom all things were made.

All may bow at these lines:     Who for us and for our salvation, suffered and came down from heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit and was born of Holy Mary, and became human.

Resume standing posture:  Who for our sake was crucified under the power of the Empire, was buried, and rose on the third day, and ascended into the heavens, and is seated at the right hand of the Living One, from where one day the true nature of all things, living and dead, will be eternally revealed.

             We believe in One Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the Life-Giving Spirit, who proceeds from the Fullness.  And in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church, and we confess one baptism of forgiveness, the resurrection from death, and the transcendent life of new ages and aeons.  Amen. 


19. Elevation of the Gifts



The Holy calls to the Holy

Deep calls to deep

Love calls to love

Heart calls to Heart

Spirit calls to Spirit

Wisdom calls to Wisdom

And She calls to each one of us.


People:  Our exile has ended, let us enter the temple of the Heavenly Jerusalem, our Mother. 




             Based on the ancient rite of Spain, known as the Mozarabic Rite or Hispano-Visigothic Rite, this modern divine liturgy is an expression of mysticism drawn from the ancient Christian sources of Spain, which incorporates elements from other ancient liturgies, and expresses them in language which strives to communicate the inner, deep movements of the Spirit while at the same time preserving the elements of a valid liturgy in the ancient Catholic tradition. 

             As an independent Catholic Church with lines of Apostolic Succession from both East and West, we strive for balance, and inclusive language and use a wide variety of liturgies, both modern and traditional. 


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