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Priest:  The Lord be always with you.

All:  And with thy spirit.

Priest:  Lift up your hearts.

All:  We lift them up to the Lord.

Priest:  Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

All:  It is right to give God thanks and praise.


Priest:  Let us recall the faithful presence of the Angel of God, who never abandoned us, but constantly called us to enter again and again into a covenant of love and intimacy with God, drawing us ever more deeply into the divine presence which unfolds within all creation.


All:  We remember Thee, O Holy Spirit of God, which hovers upon the waters and creates all things anew.  We remember Thy blessings and goodness which gifted the whole of creation with Thy presence.


Priest:  We remember the rainbow of thy love stretched out across the heavens, to embrace the diversity of all creation, and bring it into Thy Holy Sanctuary, leaving no creature or specie behind, but tending all things great and small in the Ark of Thy promise and protection.


All:  We remember our journey out of bondage, and through the desert, how we drank water from the stones, and ate the bread of heaven, guided only by the light of Thy presence in the Pillar of Fire.


Priest:  We remember the power and mystery of Thy Presence upon thy Holy Mountain, which calls us to respond in faithfulness to you.


All:  We remember our promise to sustain Thy presence with offerings and thanksgiving, just as Thou dost faithfully sustain us in all our needs, both today and at all times.


Priest:  We remember crossing the river Jordan, into a Holy Land, where hope burst forth eternal from the wells and springs, the lakes and rivers, until we were filled with the abundance of joy in Thy presence.


All:  We remember that Thy holy messengers the prophets walked with us in the power of Thy Spirit, to rouse us from our sleep, and inspire us to seek Thy voice, O God.


Priest:  We remember that Thy Holy Spirit hovered over us like a mother hen, through the sufferings of exile and oppression.


All:  And when our journey through darkness was complete, we remember the unfolding light of liberation that sprang forth from the tears of Babylon. In the midst of all suffering, we remember Thee, O Zion.


Priest:  And so, in the fullness of Time, the angels danced in joy when the Mystery of Salvation burst forth upon this earthy plane, molded by sweet embrace of Holy Wisdom, made manifest in Holy Mary, Our Mother, who opened the depths of her heart to the Word of Love.  We join our voices in praise with the endless multitudes of all living creatures, both cosmic and terrestrial, as we hail the advent of God’s Holy One:


All:  Qadosh, qadosh, qadosh, adonai Tz’vaot. (3X)


Priest:  Blessed is the One who cometh in the name of God.


All:  Qadosh, qadosh, qadosh, adonai Tz’vaot.



Priest:  On the night before the cosmic journey from life to death to life, Jesus reached out and took bread and gave thanks and praise to God.  Jesus blessed, and broke the bread, and gave it to those of us gathered together in holy fellowship, saying:  Take this all of you and eat it, for THIS IS MY BODY…WHICH IS GIVEN FOR YOU. 


(bells are rung three times, at priest’s genuflexion, elevation, and genuflexion; incense is offered at the same time by the other acolyte)


All:  Is not this bread we eat the Body of Christ?  We share in the one bread, blessed and broken, and given up for us.  Qadosh, qadosh, qadosh, adonai Tz’vaot.


Priest:  When the meal was ended, Jesus took the cup, and gave thanks and praise to the Living God.  Jesus blessed the cup, and gave it to us who were gathered there saying:  Take this, all of you, and drink from it, for THIS IS MY BLOOD…POURED OUT FOR YOU…DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME. 

(bells are rung three times, at priest’s genuflexion, elevation, and genuflexion; incense is offered at the same time by the other acolyte)


All:  Is not this cup we drink the blood of Christ? This is the blood of the new Aeon, the eternal covenant, which is shed for all of us that everything in heaven and on earth may be reconciled to God in Christ.  Qadosh, qadosh, qadosh, adonai Tz’vaot. (repeated three times)


Priest:  AND MAY THERE COME, O my Holy Lord, Thy Holy Spirit upon these gifts, that they may become for us, the +Body and +Blood of the Living Christ, that through the power of thy Spirit poured out, this mystery will be +blessed, +filled with life, and +made Holy. 


All:  Ameyn, Ameyn, Ameyn.


A Eucharistic Prayer for use with the Divine Liturgy of the Deep Song


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