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Padre Roberto proclaims the Gospel at the Divine Liturgy

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                 Most Rev. Robert J. Foss, (Padre Roberto), is a bishop ad gentes in the independent Catholic movement, and the pastor of Santuario San Rafael Ascension Catholic Church, the parish expression of the Ordinariate of the Angels, and a member of the Ascension Alliance for Spiritual Renewal.  His ministry is dedicated to making the Sacraments widely available to all sincere seekers, knowing that the Living Christ seeks to channel healing, love, and compassion to all sentient beings.  In addition, Fr. Roberto is available for spiritual direction, and offers a study group for those seekers who wish to enter more deeply into the realm of Christian prayer and mysticism. 

             Ordained in the apostolic succession with seventeen valid lines of succession from both East and West, Fr. Roberto is undertaking this ministry with a firm commitment to inclusiveness for all, especially those who are deeply bonded with the Catholic tradition, and yet do not find a welcome place in other communions because of issues such as gender, marriage, divorce, family planning, sexual orientation, gender identity, and all the other issues of “pelvic Christianity” which have unfortunately excluded some of God’s children from other manifestations of the People of God.  In addition to ties of friendship and communion with other groups and churches in the extended Antioch family of churches, Fr. Roberto has a special commitment to exploration of the gnosis as it manifests in the present moment.

             Originally from rural Washington state, Fr. Roberto has degrees in mathematics, philosophy, theology, and law.  He ministers in both English and Spanish, and works academically with several other languages.  His interests include Hebrew scripture, indigenous Mayan spirituality, liberation theology, immigration law, music, and Christian mysticism, especially the hidden paths of inner knowledge by which the soul ascends to union with God. 

             In daily life, Rev. Foss practices immigration law in Los Angeles, and lives in a diverse Highland Park neighborhood with his cats and chickens.  He was consecrated a Bishop ad gentes in the independent Catholic movement in 2009, and maintains ecclesial communion with fellow bishops of the Ascension movement as well as other independent Catholic jurisdictions. 


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