Santuário San Rafael Ascension Catholic church

An independent ministry in the Catholic Tradition

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San Rafael Arcángel, Santo patrón de la Sanación,

los peregrinos, viajeros, novios, e inmigrantes,

Ora por nosotros.


Welcome!  ˇBienvenidos!

Welcome to Santuário San Rafael

Ascension Catholic Church

An independent ministry in the Catholic Tradition


Most Rev. Robert J. Foss, Bishop and Pastor


All are welcome in this liberal, independent church which worships in the Catholic Tradition and we especially invite those who have not been welcomed in a more traditional setting including Lesbians and other women, gay men, transgendered people, the divorced and re-married, and all those in solidarity with the poor and marginalized.



Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 

pray for us that the light of Christ

may be born in our Souls. 


Prayer to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


O Blessed Virgin of Mt. Carmel, be our constant hope.  Mary, Holy disciple of the Lord, make us also faithful to Jesus.  O Mary, Flower of Carmel, fill us with your joy. O Holy Mary, Beauty of Carmel, smile upon your family gathered here.  O Sweet Mother of Carmel, accept me as your child.  O Holy Mother beyond compare, remember your children forever.  O Holy Mary, Star of the Sea, be our beacon of Light.  O Blessed Mary, protecting veil, shelter us with your love.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.  Amen. 


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Liberal and Catholic


While many independent Catholic churches (those churches, not in communion with Rome or the Eastern Orthodox, who nevertheless have valid Apostolic Succession), are traditionalist and often even stricter than the traditional churches, we are consciously and proudly liberal.   That means that we don’t force our doctrine or views on anyone, and we compel no particular dogmas:  instead, we hope and pray that each person takes their personal journey seriously and decides for themselves what they believe in regard to ultimate truth. 


At the same time, we hold up LOVE as the guiding principle and affirm that the sacraments are channels of grace and love which connect us to the deep love and energy of the living Christ